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June 2007

Fresno Dome Camp Ground

by Ted on June 29, 2007

We were at Fresno Dome last weekend (about 45 minutes from home) there were only 3 camping spots being used. The Camp Host seems to think it has something to do with the price of petrol. Maybe, there doesn’t to be as much activity in the Central Sierra’s this year. Here are a few photos of the area. This is Dustin landing a 10″ rainbow trout. Dustin is a expert fly fisherman and is a catch and release angler.
So this rainbow is back in the water waiting for the next angler.

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by Ted on June 9, 2007

Having Fun in Yosemite

There are a number of fun activities available to see and do at Yosemite National Park. Apart from the numerous trails one can take such as hikes on the meadow loop in the south or the walk down from Inspiration Point to Bridalveil Falls and take in the breathtaking view of this beautiful sight, you can take various drives, see the historical center or take various bike rides.

One can take a drive to Inspiration Point and see an amazing view of El Capitan, one of the largest exposed Granite blocks and Half Dome both standing out very high and proud for all to see.

Hiking up through Mariposa Grove (pdf file and map) to see Giant Sequoias is very popular with hikers to see an impressive 7 mile stretch of Sequoias, or one can hike up Chilnualna Falls to watch the water plummet over the boulders. This is also a good place just to relax and watch the water while having lunch.

Another good activity to undertake is biking. It’s great exercise and cheap option. There are several bike rides available with amazing scenic routes. You can try a ride along the Yosemite Valley Bike path that loops around east of the valley to Mirror Lake with stop off options. Bikes can be rented from Yosemite Lodge for about $20 per day.

If hiking, biking, or diving is not on the menu for you or your family, there are several more tranquil activities you can do. There are several evening programs that take place with talks, presentations, movies at campgrounds and hotel amphitheaters. There are several traditional campfire programs in the summer months.

The Pioneer Yosemite History Center (pdf)is an amazing center for knowledge and one can find interpreters dressed in period costumes that explain the rich, cultural history of the park. The center is open everyday. There are also Native American cultural programs available where people explain some customs of the native people of Yosemite. This is available during the summer months only.

Yosemite Theater creates shows and theater productions presented by the Yosemite Association at the Visitor Center on several evenings for your enjoyment and pleasure.

For younger visitors, there is a Junior Rangers program that is offered to children 8 to 10 where the children can join a park ranger and go through the adventures of the park in search of secret places. A similar program is offered at Tuolumne Meadows and Wawona.
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GPS Hike Yosemite

by Ted on June 8, 2007

GPS Hike

1. 37 Degrees 43′ 30″ Latitude

2. 119 Degrees 38′ 00″ Longitude

3. Look up, What do you see?