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January 2008

Lost in the Sierra’s

by Ted on January 30, 2008

Lost in the Sierra’s
Survival Store

We have had severe weather for the last week and another big storm is due in tonight. The snow levels will be around 6000 ft then drop to about 3500 ft. Most people in California don’t live in the snow. When they see snow on television the only thing they can think about is fun…… the fun of sliding down a slope in a toboggan and then gathering around a big fire to drink hot chocolate. People rush into the mountains with yosemitesnowyroad.JPGlittle or no thought and very little preparation. We see a news report of people or families lost in these extreme conditions on a weekly basis. This is a recent article in a newspaper of a family lost in the Sierras. You would think that with all this publicity that people would take care and take precautions to stay out of trouble. Well think again. Listed below are some suggestions to help you have a safe and enjoyable trip to the snow.

  1. Leave accurate information with someone as to What, When Where and time you will return.
  2. Do not depend on your cell telephone many places in the mountains the cell telephone will not work
  3. Make sure you have tire cables or chains for your vehicle (Are they the correct size and do you know how to install them.
  4. Emergency Kit in your vehicle

You could make up or buy one that fits your needs–some suggested items for your emergency kit are:

  • MREs or packaged ready to eat food
  • A Leatherman or similar combo tool
  • Space blankets
  • Water
  • Emergency food bars
  • Flashlight w/emergency flasher light w/extra batteries
  • Shovel
  • Fire starter kit w/water proof matches, a can of quick start
  • Towing straps
  • Small first aid kit
  • AM Radio

large_70_personal-deluxe-full-large.jpgA better suggestion would be go to the Survival Store.

They have a large selection of survival kits for different situations at a very attractive price. Be prepared and enjoy your trip.

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by Ted on January 24, 2008

We are having a  snow storm. Chains are required at 2,000 ft and above,  please check road conditions beforesential-half-dome.jpg you head to the mountains, if you do head out make sure you leave information with someone about where you are going,  the route or area you are going to and how long you expect to be gone.  Also check out my new link to great survival gear, its best to be prepared.


Hidden Camping Sites in the Sierra’s

by Ted on January 21, 2008

About 15 miles above Oakhurst California are some of the finest camping spots in the central Sierra Nevada Mountains. These are the camping sites used by the locals, off the beaten path and are located in beautiful areas with ponderosa pines, incense cedars, giant sequoias and beautiful wild flowers. All are on creeks, with from about 7 to 18 camping sites per campground. All feature toilets, fire rings, and picnic tables, note: none of these campgrounds have piped water for drinking. Bring your own or use a filtering system. All these campgrounds are on or very close to fresh mountain streams with swimming holes and good fishing. All but one are drive in-no reservation. Reservations are required for Soquel Camp Ground. (1/2 off if you have golden age passport)

1. Soquel Meadows: Elevation 5400 ft. Next to Willow Creek, all sites are along the creek. The area has a total of 11 camping spaces, hiking, fishing and exploring are some of the pastimes. If you can not get into000_0026.jpg Soquel then there is a free camping area just north of this camp ground along the banks of willow creek.

2. Fresno Dome: Elevation 6400 ft. No reservations (fee required) 15 sites next to Big Creek, 100_12651.JPGgood fishing and exploring or hike to the top of Fresno Dome Elevation: 7540 ft. There are expansive views of the Sierra’s, the San Joaquin Valley and on clear days to the Coast Range Mountains.

3. Big Sandy Elevation: Elevation 5800 ft., no reservations (fee required) 18 sites more of a challenge to get into and a little more remote. This camp located along the banks of Big Creek with good fishing for Rainbow, Brown and Golden trout.

4. Grays Mountain: Elevation 5400, no reservations (fee required) on the banks of Willow Creek, Swimming holes, hiking and fishing.

5. Nelder Grove: no reservations Elevation 5300, only 7 sites, on Nelder creek, giant sequoia trees that you can get up and personal, display of logging methods used to down these giant trees. Home of the giant100_1250.JPG sequoia tree, Bull Buck the third largest tree in the world. This is a free camping area. There are many free camping areas in this area up and down Nelder Creek. ©Ted McCaleb






View of “The Captain”

by Ted on January 8, 2008