High Sierra Camps in Yosemite

by Ted on September 29, 2014

High Sierra camp Trail

High Sierra camp Trail

High Sierra Camps
Nestled in some of the most breath-taking settings in the world, the High Sierra Camps are a series of campsites located along trails in Yosemite’s high elevation alpine country. Most are accessible on by hiking or by horseback and only in summer. Reserving a space at the High Sierra Camps requires participants to enter a lottery.
Glen Aulin
Glen Aulin is one of the easiest camps to hike to as the trail from Soda Springs follows the Tuolumne River and its meadows most of the way. The camp is set alongside the 80 ft. high White Cascade and its lovely pool. Campers enjoy catching the sunset from a nearby promontory with a view of Mt. Conness. Located in a geological wonderland, Glen Aulin offers a great view down the Tuolumne River and the Grand Canyon of the Tuolumne. A popular daytrip down to Waterwheel Falls passes through this unique granite canyon with California Fall & LeConte Fall along the way.
May Lake
Towering above May Lake, Mt. Hoffman is the geographic center of Yosemite and an excellent, though strenuous, hike for May Lake visitors. Located on a quiet, high mountain lake, perfect for relaxing and fishing, the camp is a fantastic blend of hospitality and high country scenery. The ridge just behind the camp has a grand view of the southern end of Yosemite and is a popular sunset spot for hikers and photographers. This is the easiest camp to access via a short, one-mile hike from the parking lot off Tioga Road and a great overnight family destination.
Merced Lake
Merced Lake High Sierra Camp provides a wilderness experience for those who may never experience wilderness in any other way.
This high sierra camp is located along one of the largest lakes in Yosemite in a granite basin surrounded by ridges and domes. Because of its lower elevation, the camp is relatively warm and has slightly different vegetation, such as large white firs, aspen, Jeffrey and lodgepole pines.
Well-named for the spectacular morning views as the sun creeps over the mountains, Sunrise offers incredible vistas towards both the Cathedral & Clark Ranges. Local peaks include Colombia Finger, Tenaya Peak, Echo Peaks, Matthes Crest, and Cathedral Peak and are dramatic examples of Yosemite’s famous granite formations.


Located creekside near Fletcher Lake, Vogelsang is often named as a favorite spot in Yosemite by many a veteran visitor. This is truly an alpine setting at the highest elevation of all the camps with peaks, lakes, meadows and vistas within close proximity.

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